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Mar. 21st, 2006 | 12:41 am
mood: loved loved
music: new hawthorne heights.

I had a really fuckin good weekend. I enjoyed it a LOT.

Friday, went to see caldera and antikythera at headliners. It was cool.

Then Saturday, me and Emily went to phoenix hill to drink and see e flat. But she went out to eat with her family and we completely missed them. But we hung out, Hung out with my Chris, Richard, Chris, Jack, Mandi, Ronnie, Sarah, and a bunch of others.

I'm totally falling for Chris. He's so amazing.
We hung out all night on saturday... and when he got home, we talked for 3 hours. We talk all the time... and we're planning on spending most of this week together.

Sunday, Intent to kill, a Present day nightmare and ten year winter at bulldogs. It was so fun. I've missed Jon so much. And I can tell by the way he talked to me and hugged me, hes missed me too. Sean stopped me and told me he used one of my pictures.

So check this shit out. www.bandlink.com you will see "sean boyle" hes the bassist in apdn... and the pic he has on there I took. Not the best that i have of him, but whatever. Just pretty cool that MY PICTURE is ONLINE for everyone to see.

This coming weekend. Me and Chris are going to Five Bolt Main, Inner Blue and Nail Gun Strategy at bulldogs friday.

Saturday, me and Chris are going to see arafel, disco, escaping memory and antikythera at bulldogs... then going to see institution, 7 day sun and subrosa at oscars.

I'm gonna have an amazing weekend.

And tonight, after Chris gets off work, he's coming to hang out and cuddle (which just means hes gonna fall asleep while i lay there and hold him. haha)

Thats it. Love me <3

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