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May. 27th, 2006 | 04:37 pm
mood: flirty flirty

I'm pretty much at a loss for words.

You know how you can pass over some of the best things/best people and somehow they come back and you connect. Ok... so it sounds lame like that... but you over look them.

Well, that happened to me. Last night, this guy definitely came back into my life... we never dated, we barely even talked. But hes amazing. We connect, and hes so much like me.

Whether or not we date, I dont really care... all i know is that hes definitely a friend I dont want to let go of again.

Also, anvil grey had their best show last night... with one of the smallest crowds. Its dissapointing... but i know they are new and will be rockin out soon.

So im like... the manager.promoter.merch girl now. OH... and beer bitch. but not for tyler. he drinks too much.

I love those boys.
matt likes my bossom. haha

anyway... update.
Im working at solectron auditing phones. It sucks, but its a job.
I do all that shit for anvil grey and when they dont have a show, im still hanging out with subrosa.


Yeah. subrosa is going to hollywood to play for record people :)

And... I love you all.


and... im out.

Oh. heres a pic of that guy i was tellin you about :)
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