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a beautiful stranger
This is me.

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Tattoos, peircings, music, drinking, concerts, parties, friends, love... damn it... just read my journal


Punk, Emo, Goth, EmoCore, metalcore. Definitely into My Chemical Romance. I LOVE Gerard Way. Also, Dashboard Confessional. linkin park. modest mouse. THE MUTHA FUCKIN KILLAS! Coheed and Cambria. marilyn manson. papa Roach. Snow Patrol. Staind. Green Day. New Found Glory. Jimmy Eat World. Interpol. Breaking Benjamin. Crossfade. Velvet Revolver. Queens of the stoneage. Evil Engine #9. Tool. System of a down. Sum 41. Good Charlotte. Lollipop lust kill. the used. korn. john mayer. down. moonspell. misfits. danzig. trivium. killswitch engage. otep. atreyu. UnderOATH. Norma Jean. Atreyu. Matchbook Romance. Lost Prophets. Further Seems Forever. Death Cab For Cutie.My Finest Hour. Evanescence. Chevelle. Franz Ferdinand. The Killers. The white stripes. The Strokes. MewithoutYou. Brand New. Taking Back Sunday. The Ataris. Senses Fail. Weezer. Mindless Self Indugence. Nirvana. Orgy. Radiohead. Incubus. Primus. A Perfect Circle. A.F.I. Tool. The Cure. Muse. Story Of The Year.Deftones

Violenza, Hate cast, 9 volt revolt , From within, Dead city reject, straight laced, surviving thalia, lao, msd, look what I did, ANTIKYTHERA, puc, 12v negative earth, waterproof blonde, halfway hollow, painlink, false witness, renalt, pharoah, sacred sorrow, descention, full tilt, miseo, Klinch, artificial zero, a cliche suicide plot, atria, buried but breathing, point of anger, 7 day sun, fivesecondzero, born yesterday, exhaustion method, in the clear, breckinridge, seven, ganthet, ncision, valpurgus, absence of faith, revenents, empyrean asunder, eclectic, abra cadaver, church bomb, villebillies, my finest hour, NDPNDNT, CRIMSON CLOUD.

There are probably more... oh well.

# what i'm looking for
Someone that won't dick me over. <3