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Feb. 11th, 2006 | 05:44 am

So me and this man that I loved talked for an hour. A very intense, emotional conversation. I love him so much, and he loves me. and we are talking like... LOVE. maybe not true love. Maybe not real love. But definitely love. i was feeling kind of down on myself when i got in, but then he gave me the whole IN YOUR FACE, talking about how much I do, and how great I am. He appreciates me, and so does his band. More so than nearly any other band. except subrossa.

I really dont know what is to come of this. But I do know that more than anything, I do care about him and he is amazing.


tonight was day 1 of my 21st bday weekend. had a few beers. definitely got to see some old friend (K to the C jean juday!) and a bunch of awesome people. Lots of good bands. I actually dont know what the fuck was up... but i feel like the bands were more affectionate toward me today. Ashes eve... their singer totally fuckin cried in front of me, mid conversation... second conversation weve ever had.

Subrosa, their singer as well, definitely talked more, and gave me more hugs haha. OOH... and jordan and I talked for a while

Intent to Kill... these guys were definitely closer than ever. God... i love that little fucker brett. hes such a douche <3

and from within. Omg dude. Josh and I talked, hugged, cried. It was so intense, so emotional. I love that boy so much. And it kills me knowing that hes moving. Just knowing that I may not ever see him again. Knowing that I cant expect to see his smiling face, his caring heart and his amazing voice to sooth me when i greet him all the time. :( He is amazing... and as much as I wish he would stay here, as much as I wish i could fuckin lock him up in my basement and keephim forever... I DO wish him the best, I DO know he will go far and I do hope he achieves every goal he is setting out to accomplish. ::end emo moment:: simply put. I love him, I'm gonna miss him.

And institution. These guys are great. <3333 Every fuckin time.

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